Hello! Ćao! Hallöchen! Merhaba!

I am Inés, a photographer who adores all things whimsical, aged, and romantic—whether it’s in regards to photography, literature, or cheese! 

I have had my camera close at hand since I was 13, photographing my travels as I traipsed about the world, but when we moved to the States 4 years ago I started shooting film again and now have a serious obsession with it. There is something tangible about the experience as you slow down to focus and hold your breath for the negative to soak in as much light as possible once the shutter is released. My couples love those moments too, when on their wedding day we steal away to capture their love for each other, far from the maddening crowd, creating beautiful images for them to treasure for a lifetime. Getting back to the party is all part of the fun too!

When my camera isn’t near, you can find me with a novel in hand, kitty on my lap, and a slab of cheese not too far away. 

Based in Northern California, I live with my delightfully silly husband and our two insubordinate pets. 

If you have a wedding, portrait session, or project in mind, I’d love to hear from you!


As Seen in The Knot Magazine