T R A V E L S | Caye Caulker Island, Belize by Inés Zrinski

When we decided it was time to visit the hubby's family in Guatemala, I knew that I couldn't give up the opportunity to visit Belize since is was so close, and boy am I glad we did. Caye Caulker was just the cutest wee island! Life is just slower and more relaxing in a place where the only means of transportation are golf carts and bikes. I challenged myself to only use my film camera while we were there-other than the Faux-Pro I got to make videos. This resulted in way fewer images than I'd normally take, but somehow this makes them more precious to me. It was also fun to talk to folks about the massive camera I was toting around and why it sounded like a tank when I push the trigger. If you enjoy the images, please let me know in the comments below. 

-some are out of focus, but I still kinda like them. 

-Pentax 645n, 105mm & 75mm lens, mix of fuji 400h and portra 400 film stock. Developed and scanned by The Find Lab