class of 2015

Senior Portraits// :: B a y l e e :: by Inés Zrinski

The photoshoot that almost annihilated me and my gear.

When Baylee asked me to do her senior portraits, I immediately thought of the Del Monte Forest in Pacific Grove as a potential location. It really is a lovely spot, thick with moss covered trees and a fairy tale vibe. On the day of the anticipated shoot it had been raining most of the day. I was worried that the overcast sky would be my worst problem. Little did we know that rain causes trees decked out in heavy moss to decide to shed some of their 6-foot branches that weigh a ton. Needless to say, I was almost taken out by a massive branch that fell from a 30+ foot treetop. It missed me, but did hit my gear bag on it's second bounce.

Lesson to learn: Trees may be out to get you! *Oh, and have gear insurance!*