Summer's End Workshop with Lieb Photographic | Part I by Inés Zrinski

I had the awesome pleasure of taking part in a two day photography workshop this summer in Culpeper, Virginia, with superbly talented Michelle Lieb of Lieb Photographic and a myriad of other wedding professionals.

On our first evening, we were presented with a beautifully dreamy stylized shoot for us to practice our craft in difficult lighting conditions, a common problem at wedding receptions, and Michelle was there to provide helpful feedback to help guide us. Here are some of my favorites. 

Copper + Candlelight

Wedding at Sage Chapel in Ithaca, New York by Inés Zrinski

I simply adore capturing weddings—seeing the love between two people, the beautiful details, the gathering of family to celebrate and party together—it’s all too much fun! But there is something amazing when I get to be part of two dear friends’ marrying each other. I'll let the images tell the story of their wedding day at Sage Chapel in Ithaca. 

“And may the good gods give you all your heart desires: husband, and house, and lasting harmony too. No finer, greater gift in the world than that…when man and woman possess their home, two minds, two hearts that work as one…”  -The Odyssey