Big Sur, California | Fun in the Sun | Portrait Session by Inés Zrinski

When my little sister visited me recently, we went to Big Sur for a day in the sun. Of course, since she's such a cutie, I asked her to model for me for some filmy goodness on my cheapy Canon EOS A2e 35mm film camera. Tip: your camera body can be cheap, but make sure your glass (aka, lens) is quality! Feel free to ask me any questions about my film photography.

camera: Canon A2e; film: Fuji 400h; lens: 50 1.2L.

Developed and scanned by The Find Lab.

B É B É // Two Lil' Sweet Peas by Inés Zrinski

I had the absolute delight and honor to photograph little boy and girl twins just before Christmas. It was amazing to see how at only a week old these two had their own personalities and temperaments already. And let me tell you, S + H's parents (and grandma) were resilient as they juggled (not literally) the kiddos from rocking to feeding to napping to changing to feeding to napping to changing to...well, you get the picture. My respect for parents of a newborn is pretty high, but parents of twins...D.A.M.N. I tip my hat to all you twin-havers out there!