Oh Hello! Hallo! Pozdrav! Hola! Merhaba!

Ah, so you want to know a bit about lil ole me, but where does one even begin... Well, I can tell you that I have a myriad of passions from creating little felted creatures my cat then destroys, to cooking up a storm of delicious delights for my friends and family, to executing the most ridiculous costumes. Two of my favorite passions, however, are photography and teaching English as a foreign language. While those are very different from one another, their results are similar in that my students and clients see themselves in a new light. For students this happens when they finally comprehend a nuance of the language that had been eluding them, and for my clients, it's that boost of confidence they get when they see how beautiful they really are. 

Fun Facts:

  • I speak three languages: English, German, and Croatian.
  • I know how to fingerprint up to almost 300 people a day in Turkish, Farsi, Kurdish, and Arabic (don't ask me why).
  • I've lived in Germany, The U.S., Turkey, and Taiwan. 
  • I worked on an art team for Anthropologie and dyed so much fabric at one point my hands and nails were blue.
  • I've been scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Cenotes in Mexico. 
  • My last passport was retired because I filled up all its pages. One of my proudest achievements! 
  • I'm handy with a drill and hammer...at creating stuff, not torture...scout's honor. 
  • My hubby speaks 5, no wait, 6 languages. (He's a super polyglot, but terrible at spacial directions. Go figure!). 
  • Our cat might be possessed...send help!

I live in Monterey, California with my hubby and devilish black cat, Ichabod Crane, a.k.a., Ickie. 


Kind Words to describe me by some of my favorite people:

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